From the Thales group (Advanced Weapon Systems) our guided weapons include the VT-1 missile which is a land and sea based missile designed specially for short-range surface to air defence systems, the Starstreak missile with its unique laser beam riding guidance and extremely short time of flight can defeat a variety of threats including aerial targets such as UAVs and helicopters. The unique 3 dart concept of Starstreak ensures a high hit probability against all main threats. The combined kinetic energy and warhead ensures that target kill can be achieved from even a single dart hit; and the Lightweight Multi-role Missile (LMM), this precision strike LMM is modular in design resulting in a reduced weight allowing increased product adaptability to an ever changing battle conflict environment. The group also designs and manufactures seekers and safe and arm units amongst other core missile componentry. Australian Munitions’ strategic partners also provide excellent credentials in the sophisticated missile design and manufacturing competence.