Quality Product Portfolio

Australian Munitions has unrivalled credentials as a manufacturer of military grade propellants, high explosives, pyrotechnics, small arms ammunition, medium/large calibre munitions, aerial delivered ordnance, grenades, and explosive charges.

The company has accumulated significant experience and technical depth in explosives chemistry and has applied this expertise to develop modern propellant formulations. The propellants are recognised internationally for their excellent ballistic temperature independence (“BTI”) offering reliable and consistent performance across environmental extremes and a broad range of ammunition calibres.

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World-class Commercial Products

Australian Munitions owns the world renowned ADI Powders and Australian Outback Ammunition brands which are used domestically and internationally by the recreational shooting market as well as law enforcement agencies.


Hodgdon Powder Company, USA’s largest distributor of Powder has been the strategic partner and distributor for our propellant in the USA for 25 years.

Product Range