First Ever SSAA SHOT Expo Brisbane

Australian Munitions, civilian firearms enthusiasts and professional hunters and shooters were among those that helped make the first ever Brisbane SSAA Shot Expo an astounding success.

The Sporting Shooter’s Association of Australia is the nation’s biggest organisation for sporting shooters. With hundreds of brands on display, celebrities and over 12,000 attendees throughout the weekend it is of no surprise those working at the event had little time to breath.

Visitors to the event had the opportunity to see, touch and purchase all those products and services we know and love, as well as a number of new brands and companies. Topics among the displays also included safety and training, conservation, ethical hunting, responsible shooting and shooter protection, not to mention the ever popular working gun dogs display.

While there were many a disappointed face when told we couldn’t facilitate the sale of powders or ammunition at the event, the positivity and interest around Australian Munitions, Australian Outback and ADI World Class brands was staggering and we appreciate all your support.

Our 8th edition Handloaders Guide flew off the display shelves faster than they could be filled, with rationing required by Saturday afternoon to ensure we had some left for Sunday’s attendees.

Additionally, the queue of people waiting to talk to our ballistic scientists was so long at times that talks being had were more like group presentations, with our customers extending into thoroughfares 5 and 6 people deep.

Big thank you’s to all those that attended for helping make the event such a success and we can’t wait for the next one.